Parma to announce ‘polymet mine’ at Campo Fizzoli – Football Italian December 1, 2021 December 1, 2021 admin

Italia source FootballItalia title ‘Polymet mining’ announced at Parma training camp article Italian source FootballThessaloniki – Antonello, Giorgio Mancini speak to Sport Italia article It’s official: Parma are ready to announce a ‘polymeter mine’ in Campo.

The team has already signed several players from the club, including Alessandro Florenzi, and they’re expected to bring another two players from their academy, according to the Corriere della Sera.

Parma have a contract with PSC, but the Italian company has yet to agree a deal with the Serie A side.

The club have a ‘minesha’ of some 5,000 tonnes of gold, but they’re currently in negotiations with the PSC for the right to mine more gold.

“It’s a big deal,” Parma coach Gianluca Di Marzio told the newspaper.

“There are lots of possibilities, but we will have to see how things will go.”

We have to make a decision, but it will be difficult to go without a decision.

It’s the end of May, the beginning of June and the start of July, and I’m not sure that there is enough time for us to be thinking about this.

Di Marzo was speaking after the first team’s pre-season training.

We have a lot of information, but I am not sure if we have enough time.

We have to wait for the final agreement.

“The news of the mining has been reported by a local newspaper.

It quotes a source close to Parma’s board as saying the club will announce the project “before the end [of May], but the actual date is still to be confirmed.”

Di Marzo is set to take over at PSC in the summer, and the club’s board will decide if they want to extend the contract in 2019.