‘The truth is, this isn’t the Trump administration’: Biden says he’s not worried about GOP’s ‘scary’ health care bill October 31, 2021 October 31, 2021 admin

Biden said he believes Trump’s agenda will be a success for the country, but he doesn’t want to worry about what Republicans are trying to accomplish.

“We’re going to win.

We’re going do it,” Biden said during an interview with The Washington Post.

“We’ve got to win the presidency.

And we have to do it by winning, by winning a second term.

And the truth is that this isn�t the Trump presidency. This isn�s the first term.

This is the second term.”

Biden also said he doesn�t think Democrats will change the way they run their campaign against the president, but that Democrats can win.

“I don�t know if you have to change the tone.

I think there is room for a lot of change.

We�re going to continue to do the same thing,” Biden added.

The vice president did, however, acknowledge that the GOP health care plan is the most unpopular thing he�ve ever done.

“You know, we�re all for Obamacare.

I�ve been saying this all along.

But I just want to say that this is a huge mistake, a major mistake, and it will not work,” Biden told The Post.”

It will destroy the economy, it will destroy our families, it�s going to devastate our schools, it won�t fix the world, and that�s what we need to be talking about, and not talking about.”