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By: Rajesh Kumar | Published: October 01, 2018 01:31:10The Indian mining giant Ora Group is looking to become a global player in the mining industry.

This is a big step forward for the company, which has been in the spotlight recently over its handling of a massive mining disaster in its southern state of Gujarat.

Ora is looking for partners to explore opportunities in China, which it says will be “the biggest mining market in the world” by 2020.

The company has already started a project in the Chinese state of Jiangsu, with plans to expand it into other regions.

Ores and minerals can be found in more than 70 mines around the world, including China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Russia and Ukraine.

But Ora has been slow to expand its footprint and is currently working on expanding into Australia, South Africa, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Oraly is the head of operations at Ora in India.

The Indian company has a stake in two of the largest coal mines in the country, Agra and Gwalior.

The company has been looking to explore new markets, especially in Asia, in which it is already the biggest player.

Ora is the second largest mining company in India after Sinolu, with about a 20 per cent stake in the company.

Its mining operations account for around 80 per cent of India’s total coal production.

Ores coal-fired power plants are also used in India, as well as other countries.

Oramash is a unit of Indian conglomerate Reliance Industries, which is also a large miner in China.

It operates the largest steel and aluminium mining complex in the nation, known as Agni, with an annual turnover of about $2.8 billion.

Oramash mines about 2.4 million tonnes of iron ore in China annually.

Oremash has also recently signed a deal with China National Offshore Oil Corporation to explore the possibility of building a mine in the South China Sea.

The Indian company says its coal-based mining will help create jobs and boost the economy, and is already operating in six provinces in India and abroad.

Oremash is also looking to expand into the Middle East.

Orumash has recently signed an agreement with China to explore its possibilities in the Middle Eastern region, where it says it will find new opportunities in the oil and gas sector.

Orumash is currently looking to build a coal-powered power plant in Saudi Arabia.

The project would be the largest of its kind in the kingdom, with a capacity of 10 GW and be the biggest coal-fuelled power plant built in the Saudi state of Al Saud.

The project is scheduled to begin in 2021.

The mining giant is currently operating in eight provinces in the region.

Ogemash is the third largest miner in India with about 2,500 workers.

Ogemash’s coal-burning power plants generate more than one million tonnes a year.

Oemash currently operates two coal-power plants in India: the Agni power plant near Agra, and the Gwalier plant in Bihar.

Oemash has two other coal-fueled power plants in the state of Karnataka.

Omash has three coal-related projects in India currently under development.

One of them is in the western state of Odisha.

Oems proposed coal-friendly development scheme aims to provide a livelihood for people who live in the coal belt.

The plan envisages construction of more than 15 coal-producing power plants across the state.

The other two coal power plants under development are in the northeastern state of Rajasthan and in the southern state, Madhya Pradesh.

Oms plan is to build about 60 coal-free power plants and two power plants with no coal in the ground in the two states.

Ore also has plans to open a coal mine in India’s biggest mining city, Hyderabad, and a new mine in Gujarat.

The mine will be built in partnership with Indian Coal Association.

Ore also plans to develop a project that will mine gold and silver.

Oumash is looking at other markets in Asia too.

Oumash has a 30 per cent interest in the China-based National Resources Group, which owns stakes in the Hong Kong and Macau steel industries.

Oums mine is also in China’s northeastern Jilin province.

Oms is currently in talks with the government of the Maldives to explore mining projects in the island state.