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Mining pool in the news is a term used in the Indian online gaming industry to describe a gaming platform that has a strong focus on virtual reality games.

The platform, which was launched in India by gaming portal Games4Free, has over 40 million users, with more than a million users playing virtual reality gaming games on its platform.

The games can be played either offline or in a virtual environment and players can earn cash in the form of gems.

In a recent report, Gaming Industry India (GII) had listed four mining pool operators in the country: Gaming India, Lajpe, Goldie, and Videocon.GII had said that the four mining pools have a strong online presence and they are in the leading position in terms of number of monthly active users and revenue per user.

It has also been found that in India, there are currently more than 4 million gamers who participate in virtual reality and virtual reality-based games.

“It is difficult to find a mining pool that is not in the top 10 mining pool companies.

This is the case because there are four mining companies in the mining pool space,” said Shashank Chatterjee, Managing Director, Gaming India.

He added that there are other gaming platforms that are in a similar position.

“There are other mining pooling services in the market, but none are in that top ten position,” he said.

Goldie, which is currently in the lead, has around 15 million active users on its service.

It is the only mining pool in India that offers virtual reality services.

Its user base is about 15 million.

Videocon has around 14 million active user.

The other three mining pool are listed as Videocon Mining, Goldy Mining and Videocurrent Mining.

The list of the top mining pool for the month of February 2017 was compiled by Gaming Industry Watch, a leading digital media organisation based in New Delhi.

The report had found that the five mining pools listed in the list of top mining pools for the quarter of February are the following:Goldie Mining, Videocon, Videocindra, Goldies Goldie Mining and Goldie Virtual Mining.

It also listed a mining business called Goldie Minerals, which operates in the same space as Videoconda.

The company had an income of Rs 5 crore in Q1, which it generated Rs 2.4 crore in the last quarter of 2017.

Goldies Goldies Mining and the other four mining operators are also in the process of setting up a new company to be called Goldies Virtual Mining which will focus on mining virtual reality, he said, adding that the company will also invest in virtual currencies.

“We have invested in this new venture to create a virtual mining platform for virtual reality.

The plan is to create virtual mining platforms for virtual currencies, like Bitcoin, which we are already launching,” said Chatteree.

In the report, the mining business and its partner Videocon are the top three mining pools in terms in terms revenue per active user, followed by Goldies and Videogears Virtual Mining in second and third position respectively.

The five other mining pools, Golding Mines, Goldmine, Videogine, Videocoin and Videoware Virtual Mining, are the bottom three mining providers in terms, in terms revenues per user, according to the report.