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The RuneScapedia community is split on how to proceed with the current mining challenge, the Mines of Giza.

Some have gone into the game to collect gold, some have gone to explore new worlds and some have simply enjoyed the thrill of the hunt.

The current challenges, however, aren’t entirely without controversy.

Some players feel that the current version of the challenge is unfair and has caused them significant grief and stress, while others have said it’s just the game, and that it’s a great way to get a little bit of extra income.

So, with all that in mind, here are some tips to help you find the perfect path to the top of the mountain and mine for a little extra cash.

The Mines of GambitThe Mines, as you might have guessed, is the largest mining challenge in RuneSciences history, and the largest in RuneQuest history, too.

As such, it’s the biggest challenge RuneScapers have ever tackled, and while it’s not the most challenging challenge to mine, it is the most difficult to get to.

So it’s worth getting the idea of how to get there and what to do first.

First, it helps to know where to look for gold.

You need to be on the highest peak of the world (the highest point you can find) in order to find the gold.

If you’re on the higher end of the volcano, you can also search for gold at the top, but that will take longer.

The easiest way to find gold in the Mines is to travel up to the highest point on the volcano and walk around the crater, looking for all the gold bars.

You will find many, many bars at different heights, and you should be able to find at least one.

You should then search up, down, and left and right, looking to find bars at each height.

There will be multiple bars on each side of the mine, so if you’re looking for the gold on one side, you will be looking for gold on the other.

If one of the bars is on top, it means you’ve found the gold for the current challenge, but it’s also the bar that you need to move to the next.

If it’s on the bottom, you’ll need to find another bar on the same height.

Once you’ve made sure you’ve located all the bars, you need only walk back down to the previous one to continue.

Once you’ve moved back down, you should find the bars are still there.

It’s not as easy to find as it sounds, though, as the bars that are on top can take quite a while to clear.

There are also multiple mines around the area, so you might want to keep moving to clear the mines first before moving on to the new mines.

Once all the mines have been cleared, you now have a few bars to clear in order, so it’s time to start the mine.

You can go up to a bar and find another, or you can walk to the opposite side of a bar, go to the same spot on the mountain, and walk up to it.

You might find that the next bar is higher, and so on.

If the next mine you reach is lower, you might need to go down to it and clear it.

It’s important to note that you should never walk up or down a bar when you’ve already cleared it.

Doing so will cause the bar to disappear, which will make it impossible to clear it again.

The best way to do this is to take the mine to the lower level and clear all of the mines to the bottom.

It may take a while, but once you’ve cleared all of your mines, you are almost done.

Once all the blocks are cleared, head back to the first mine and head down.

There is a chance that the mine may have been blocked by a block that’s on top of another bar, so this can help to clear some of the blocks on top.

You’ll have to walk back up to that bar, but the bar is now completely cleared.

You will need to walk all the way back down again to find all the next bars.

When you’ve got the last bar cleared, walk back to your first bar and start moving up the mountain.

There should be one more bar on each of the peaks, but if not, go back to where you started and continue to the other side of each of those peaks.

There’s a chance you’ll get stuck somewhere, so try to clear each one of them at least once.

Once your mining is complete, head out into the world and enjoy the new challenges.

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