When you can get $3.3 million for a kidney? August 18, 2021 August 18, 2021 admin

A man in Nevada who lost a kidney is now getting $3 million in a new case of kidney disease.

Vale’s Mining Stock in Lithium Mines, Listed by Forbes magazine, filed for bankruptcy in July.

The company had been selling the mining stock and shares of its sister company, the Lidovar, to buy up to $4 million in debt to pay its bills.

It’s the latest chapter in a long-running battle between Lithium Mining’s former chairman and its shareholders, who are seeking to recoup some of their money.

Voltaire Downs, an 85-year-old former coal miner, says his kidney failure has left him financially destitute and unable to do his jobs, which include caring for his three children.

“I lost my kidney.

My children have had to be without a father, a grandfather, a grandparent, a friend,” he said.

“So this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

I’ve had to put my kids in diapers, to pay for the rent, the food, the bills.”

The new lawsuit names the company as well as the Lidsburg Lithium Mine Company.

The lawsuit alleges the company sold all of its shares in August to a company called Lithium Minerals Inc., which has the sole right to make decisions about how the company is run.

The company claims it can do business without its chairman, and that its board is controlled by one person, who is listed as Voltaire Downs.

The former chairman is listed in the lawsuit as “Lidovair.”

The company says the former chairman has been the sole owner of the company since its inception in 2006, and the former company CEO, Vail Nevarez, has held the title since 2010.

Vail Nevárez is listed on the bankruptcy documents as the sole director.

He is also listed as a director of the Lithium mine company.

According to court documents, Nevarez and his wife, Lidia Nevarez-Nevarez, have owned the company for at least four decades.

The documents say Lidia was also a director at the time the company went under.

The bankruptcy filing also says Lidia and Voltaire have owned and operated the company “for at least 20 years.”

The lawsuit says the couple’s business was going well until last year when they sold their shares.

It said the company paid $2 million in unpaid dividends to the Nevarezs.

In addition to their shares, the Nevázas were given a 10% stake in Lithia, which the lawsuit alleges is worth about $2.4 million, but is not listed on their tax returns.

It’s unclear if the company was paid the $2,000 payment.

The Nevada attorney general is now representing the Nevañas in their bankruptcy case.

They have also reached a settlement with a former employee who claims the company misappropriated more than $2 billion from him.