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IGN’s Rich Hall has a great article on the stock market, and he shares his top picks.

The top stock pick for everyone is monongah, a company that was founded by two men who worked for an old mining company.

Monongah’s stock is up 17% this year to $5,700. 

Monongah Mining stocks have increased in value.

They are up 17%.

Mononga shares have gone up over $1,000.

Monongaa shares have increased over $2,500.

Monongaah has increased in price.

The stock has risen in value since it was founded in the 1990s.

Mononga is a copper-based company with a mining business in the US.

Monongs stock has gone up by $2.7 billion in the last year.

 Monongaah is the second-largest copper miner in the world after Rio Tinto.

Rio Tto, a multinational copper mining company, owns 80% of Monongaah’s copper mining business.

Rio Tinto’s shares are up $1.4 billion. 

Rio’s shares have gained over $300 million. 

It’s a bit surprising that Rio is on top of this stock, but the other big miners are struggling. 

Greensboro-based copper miner SNC-Lavalin is down about 4% this quarter.

It has been a pretty rough year for SNCLavalins copper mines, which have been hammered by the mining downturn. 

SNCL has a $1 billion market cap.

SNC-lavalin has been down by $800 million.

Tunisian miner Oran Alkalay is down 4% in Q2.

The company is also down by over $3 billion this quarter, as the price of oil and gas has declined.

Its shares have fallen by about $3.2 billion this year.

Its shares are down by about 2.5%.

Tonga’s mining assets have been hurt by the collapse of copper prices.

It is down by 6% in the past year.

The biggest losses were recorded in the fourth quarter. 

The company’s shares rose by more than $200 million in the same period.

It’s down about $600 million in market cap this quarter alone.

Olan Mining’s shares were down by 7% in a single day this year, the company has been under fire by environmentalists for the deaths of workers in mines in the Philippines and Indonesia. 

Its shares fell by $3 million in a day.

Olan has been on the decline for over a year.

Its shares have been down about 12% in value this year alone.

Olor Mining has been hit by a coal mine explosion. 

Olor is down $1 million in value over the last six months.

Its stock has been hurt since the collapse in the prices of coal in the region. 

 The mines were operating at full capacity when the blast occurred.

Pasco Mining’s stock fell by over 5% this past quarter.

Its market cap fell by about 12%.

Its shares were off by more then 5% in one day this past year alone, its shares are now down over 4% over the past 12 months. 

Barracuda Mining stock has fallen by more on average than all of the major mining companies combined.

Its down by more $1 in value per share this year than all the major miners combined. 

Dow Chemical’s stock has declined by over 2% this fiscal year. 

They are down nearly 2% in market value. 

Their shares have lost about $2 billion.

Eugene, Oregon’s Peabody Energy stock has dropped by more, by more in value than all other mining companies.

Its share price has fallen more than 3%.

Its share price fell by more more than 2% since March. 

Peabody has been struggling with coal prices in the United States.

Its coal mines are suffering.

Its mining operation is down. 

Pebrys stock has decreased by about 8% this month. 

Titan Resources is down more than 6% since its shares were taken over by the billionaire brothers, Aubrey and Joe, in January.

Its value has dropped more than 15% in six months and is down over 15% this week.

Its share market value has been affected by the massive layoffs at Titan.

Its stock has plunged more than 5% since February. 

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