Deep sea mining rig in operation for the first time August 7, 2021 August 7, 2021 admin

By Simon Hradecky, created Thursday, Dec 20, 2020 08:29:25As of last week, the Deep Sea Mining Rig has been working at depths of more than 4,000 feet.

The rig, a 60-foot-long (18-meter) rig with an estimated 5,000 metric tons (21,000 tons) of water-bearing rock and ore on board, is the second Deep Sea Mine rig to be completed. 

The Deep Sea mine is expected to yield 2,500 metric tons of ore per day, or around 8,000 tonnes a day.

The company said the rig is the first to complete the mine in 20 years.

The Deepsea mine is being built by Canadian-based Deep Sea Resources Ltd., which has operated the Deepsea Gold mine for years.

The mine is operated by the United States-based Newmont Mining Corp., which also operates the Deepwater Horizon oil spill cleanup and is working to drill for oil.

The Deepsea Mine was a $2.4 billion project that began in 2015.

The drilling and completion of the DeepSea mine is the largest ever for the Deep Basin, according to Deep Sea Exploration.

Deep Sea Mining has operated its Deep Sea mining rig at depths ranging from 4,500 feet to 6,000ft.

The DeepSea Mine has operated for the past 15 years, as a part of a partnership between Newmont and Deep Sea.

After completion of Deep Sea’s Deep Basin Mine in the early 2020s, the partnership with Newmont became a joint venture.

Newmont is now Newmont Exploration, which is led by billionaire entrepreneur Marc Benioff.

In January 2020, Newmont drilled a hole into a deep-water mine called the Deep-Sea Gold Mine in a bid to extract natural gas from the area.

Newmont had previously worked on a similar mine in the Marcellus Shale, and had operated it for the same amount of time. 

While drilling the Deep River mine in 2016, Newcomen found about 2,300 metric tons of oil in the pit.

The oil has not yet been extracted.