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Mining stocks are still the biggest part of cryptocurrency investing right now, and Monero mining stocks are the best way to diversify your portfolio if you have a large cryptocurrency portfolio.

With a mining stock index of around 7% and a valuation of $100m at the time of writing, Monero Mining stocks have a lot of potential to grow and grow quickly in the coming years.

If you’re looking for a good value in the space right now and are willing to put some time into researching the companies that make up Monero, here are our picks for the top 10 cryptocurrencies to invest in right now.

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CoinVox: CoinVox is a cryptocurrency mining company that offers its mining products in a variety of mining hardware, ASICs, and CPU chips.

The company has a market capitalisation of $8.3bn, and they are one of the most active mining companies on the cryptocurrency market right now with around 10,000 employees worldwide.2.

Nym: Nym is a Chinese cryptocurrency mining pool and a popular choice for mining cryptocurrency stocks right now due to its mining equipment and its mining pool operations.

The Nym Mining Pool has a trading capital of $12.5bn and it has recently raised $3m from investors in addition to several angel investors.3.

NominalBit: NominalBit is an established mining pool that offers miners and hardware services as well as cryptocurrency mining.

They have a market valuation of around half a billion dollars and are currently trading at $4.5m.4.

BitPulse: BitPulse is another Chinese mining pool, which is a popular mining pool with over 1,000,000 users and an overall market capitalization of around 1 billion dollars.

They recently raised another $3.5 million in an all-stock offer from investors.5.

CoinX: CoinX is a mining pool which has a huge market capitalised of around a billion dollar and is currently trading around $20 million.6.

Cryptocoins.com: Coin X is a large Chinese mining company with a long history of investing in cryptocurrencies and is the second largest cryptocurrency mining and mining equipment company in China with a total market capitalized of $1.8 billion.

It has a stock valuation of almost $80 million.7.

BitXmining: BitXmining has a total of around 6,000 staff in China and around 1,500 of them are currently working in the mining space.

They are one the most popular mining pools in China right now as their total market cap is over $2 billion.8.PPC Minerals: PPC Minerations has a significant mining operation in China as well, which has the largest cryptocurrency trading volume on the platform.

Their stock has a value of $3 billion.9.

CoinTerra: CoinTerra is a well-known Chinese cryptocurrency pool that is one of China’s largest mining pool operators and has been active in mining cryptocurrencies since at least 2009.

They also have a total trading capitalization over $6 billion.10.

Cryptosource: CryptoSource is a major Chinese mining mining pool as well.

They currently have around 7,000 full time employees and they have a trading market capital of around 10 billion dollars which is more than two times their total stock market cap.

They have a combined total market value of around 50 billion dollars at the moment.

You can find out more about the top cryptocurrencies right now on CoinMarketCap.com and by following our cryptocurrency investing articles and investing strategies.