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Mining is the term for the process of extracting minerals from rock formations.

The name is derived from the ore-bearing clay used in the process.

Mining is usually done in a well-drilled borehole or pit, and it involves drilling through rock to extract the minerals.

There are several different types of mines, each with their own distinctive characteristics.

The most famous iron mining site in North America is the Silverton, Montana area, where the ore deposits are so valuable they’ve been named the “Lone Star Mine.”

Iron ore is a form of gold, and gold miners tend to dig deeper.

A miner also works in a pit, or trench, which holds the ore until it is mixed with the sand and gravel that the ore contains.

When the ore is mixed, the sand is poured into the hole.

When that mixture is poured back into the pit, it will be mixed with sand, and the sand can then be pulled out of the hole, or filled with sand.

If the mix of sand and dirt is large enough, a small amount of gold can be extracted.

A larger quantity of gold and other metals can then go into a small copper and gold mine.

The gold is then transported to a larger pit, where it is used as a building material.

A pit mine is often called the “Big Iron Mine” or “Little Iron Mine.”

The mine is usually located in a valley where there are numerous hills and canyons.

There is an abundance of minerals there, and because the mine is so deep, it is often hard to find iron ore.

The mines can be very large, as many as four or five miles long, but they usually are not deep enough to be of any use as mining tools.

Mining can also be done by drilling into rock to collect minerals in a small pit or trench.

The process is called borehole mining.

Mining involves drilling holes through rock, with a drill bit that will be placed into the ground at a particular location.

As the drill bit is drilled, water and a lot of sand will be sucked into the borehole.

The water will then drip off, and then the sand will also be drawn out of that hole, and eventually, the rock will be dug up.

This process is referred to as a borehole, or pit mine.

This is a very popular method for mining in the United States, with the Iron ore being the primary material extracted.

Mining in Montana is a different story.

Mining takes place at the Silver Lake mine in Montana, and as the name suggests, Silver Lake is the mine that is named after.

The Silver Lake Mine is a relatively new mining operation.

It began in the 1960s and has been operating since 1984.

This mine is located on a hill in the Silver River valley, about 300 miles north of Silver City, Montana.

The mine has several different kinds of pits, ranging from a small small pit to a huge one.

The largest pit, known as the Silver Mine, holds an estimated 500,000 ounces of gold.

The biggest pit, which is known as The Big Mine, is about 1,500 feet long and weighs more than 300 tons.

Mining at The Big Iron Mine has taken place since the 1980s, when the mine first opened.

The Big and Big Mine pits are two separate mines that are connected by a massive mine shaft.

There’s an enormous amount of water in the pit that must be pumped out of to get to the other pit, as well as the sand that must go into the other mine.

As soon as the water has been drained out of both the pits, they are combined and the water goes into the main mine shaft and then into the larger pit.

When they are all combined, the shaft is then filled with a layer of sand to create a very strong and strong mine.

When a mine is finished, it can be turned into a commercial mine, and a portion of the mine can then become a commercial ore-processing facility.

Mining The first mine was opened in 1960, when it was the Silver Springs Iron Ore Mine.

The first two mines were in Montana and Wyoming, and both were very successful.

The Montana mines are located in the Gold Country, and Wyoming is in the Powder River Basin, which stretches from Wyoming to Idaho.

The Copper and Gold mines are in Montana’s Upper Big Horn Basin, and are located near the town of Gold City, in the county of Helena.

Mining In the United Kingdom, mining is known under the name of the “Iron Ore Belt.”

The mining of iron ore in the Iron Ore Belt is a popular way of earning a living.

There aren’t many mines that exist that are not profitable.

The Iron Ore belt is one of the most popular places in the world to mine iron ore for use in modern mining, and in fact, mining in that belt is the most profitable part of the mining process.

The mining industry in the area has been